Dosa and Uttapam

What seems like the names of a comedian duo is actually the names of two staple dishes in India.

Dosa(Dosai) is crispy and light. Made from lentils or rice, Dosa is a carbohydrate and protein rich dish. The batter consists of rice and lentils soaked in water and then grounded into a batter like substance. It is left to ferment over night. The making of Dosa is very similar to preparing a crepe. The batter is then thinly ladled into a frying pan or griddle. When the crust is flipped and crispy on both sides it is served either rolled up or flat. Dosa is typically a vegetarian dish. It could be served with a variety of chutney, vegetables, spicy powders, curd, or ghee.

The Dosa is eaten in several parts of Indian as a breakfast since many places desire a light breakfast. However, in some parts of Southern Indian it is customary to have a light dinner instead of a light breakfast and the Dosa is eaten at night.

Uttapam is the thicker version of Dosa. Unlike its crispy, crepe-like cousin, the structure of Uttapam relates more to that of a pancake. The ingredients are put right into the batter. Also made from rice and lentils, Uttapam along with Dosa lean towards being vegetarian dishes. When making Uttapam, the thickness is important since the batter is meant to be more of a flatbread/pancake. Hence why it occasionally is referred to as an Indian pizza.

So remember, if you want to munch on a delicious crispy, vegetarian snack then order a Dosa. If you want something more hearty and vegetarian then order the pancake-like Uttapam.


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