Indian Food in America

For us Indian food lovers, the names and flavors of dishes such as Samosa Chat, Sag Paneer, Chicken Tikka and other Tandoor items have seeped into a state of common knowledge. However, it was not too long ago where Indian food was not as well known as it is today. As mentioned in our previous blog post, Jackson Diner was one of the first Indian restaurants established in our area Jackson Heights. That was only thirty or so years ago, which occurred as a blink of an eye for some and a long grueling trek for others.

What has Indian cuisine become today? Now there is an established area in New York City called Curry Hill dedicated to Indian restaurants. Jackson Diner itself started a second location near Union Square, giving our part of Indian culture and tradition. In only a span of a few decades, we have seen the rise of awareness and love for Indian cuisine.

In a recent article written by  Visi R. Tilak, the place of Indian food in the palate of Americans is noted from its previous obscure position to being celebrated and praised. While unfamiliar to many Americans, Indian food has an extensive range of flavors and creations to offer and inspire. In modern television cook shows you can see more Indian Chefs as a respected artisan  than before. Indian food is texture and ingredient driven, pushing the boundaries and combinations to create “harmonious flavor out of many ingredients”.

Indian cuisine has reached a point of recognition in America. From traditional ethnic dishes to the bold flavors of new Indian chefs, the taste and attraction that Indian food brings is undeniable.


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