From the Heights to the Village

In the busy streets of Jackson Heights in Queens, New York, is one of the borough’s hidden jewels, the family eatery Jackson Diner. In 1983, Jackson Heights had its first addition of authentic Indian food to its selection of eateries. Although the diner’s Indian cuisine was first introduced for the lunch and dinner menu, Jackson Diner later on became famous for its delicious and affordable Indian buffet.

The idea for the buffet originated from the desire to serve workers who came during their lunch breaks. With the short amount of available time,  ordering food and waiting for entrees would take too long. With the availability of a buffet, fresh food could be served to customers who needed delicious, warm food without the waiting time. It also presented an opportunity to introduce classic Indian dishes to those who were new to the culture, as well as a large selection of healthy, non-meat dishes to appeal to Vegetarians.

In December 2010, Jackson Diner opened a second location in the Village, bringing its delicious Indian cuisine to New York City. In this new location, students, teachers, businessmen, and regulars alike could all come to one place for fresh, delectable Indian food.

Jackson Diner prides itself on healthy, authentic, Indian cuisine for everyone to enjoy.

With our new location launched recently, we wanted a way to get even closer with our customers. Jackson Diner now has an official Facebook page and Twitter. Like US! Follow US! Keep posted with the latest news and updates!


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